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Cistermiser is a manufacturer of automated water management equipment for use in commercial bathrooms. The company developed the first auto-flush cistern-flushing urinal control in 1976. Today the company manufactures a complete range of hands-free products such as WC flushes, urinal flush controls, taps and washroom shut-off valves.

The company also makes the LinkThru water temperature monitoring device for the management of Healthy Water in accordance with the HSE L8 directive (control of legionella bacteria in water systems).


Keraflo manufactures the Aylesbury range of WRAS-approved delayed action inlet float valves for use in large commercial cold water storage tanks. The range includes the Tanktronic electronic tank management system which measures the levels and temperature of water in a cold water storage tank and can control the flow of water into the tank with its servo-controlled inlet valve (SCV) and the FB valve which is approved to LPS2083 for use with fire sprinkler tanks installed under LPS 1276.


Combinate manufactures a domestic limescale prevention device for use on the secondary hot water (and drinking) supply. The product guarantees the prevention of limescale build-up in domestic boilers and pipes and is widely believed to be the most effective limescale prevention device on the market.

Salamander Pumps

Salamander Pumps manufactures a range of shower, bathroom and whole-house and mains pressure booster pumps for use in domestic and light commercial applications. Most of Salamander’s products have been awarded the Quiet Mark which recognises the company’s technical excellence in producing the quietest products in their class.

Talon Manufacturing

Talon’s factory and offices are in Gillingham in Kent. Talon sells a range of over 450 plastic and metal pipe clips for fixing pipes to walls and uPVC trunking for use in covering exposed pipework in plumbing and heating installations as well as pipe collars and Snappits for covering pipework and radiator tails. The company also manufactures a range of fixing plugs to ensure that screws are held securely into walls. Talon sells its products in over fifteen countries.  The Gillingham site has over thirty plastic injection moulding and auto-nail insertion machines as well as some bespoke auto-packing equipment which enables it to offer a next-day delivery service to its customers.


LinkThru harnesses the power of the Internet of Things to monitor water system temperatures and ensure Building Owner compliance with HSG274, reducing risk of Legionella. Temperature Monitoring Units (TMUs) at sentinel points provide real time monitoring of flow events and temperatures every 10 seconds with data accessed via a secure cloud-based portal to reveal powerful management insights.  Alarms can be set to alert Facilities Managers to temperatures outside a desired range.

All Davidson sites have ISO 9001:2015 approval. All the products our businesses manufacture which come into contact with water are WRAS approved, signifying their safe use with drinking water.