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About Us

Davidson is a holding company which invests in businesses with strong IP and brands in the building products sector.

We support local manufacturing through investment in our people, our factories and the products we design and create.

Each company in our group has its own board of directors who are empowered to grow the businesses for the long term with guidance and financial support from the group whose executives have over fifty years' line management experience in the sectors in which we operate.

Growing Our Group

We are acquirers of small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses within the lightside building products sector and specifically the fixings, HVAC, plumbing, heating, controls and bathroom segments. We have a particular interest in privately-owned companies whose owners are founders or families who wish to realise a fair value for their company.  We have also bought businesses from public companies. We want to acquire businesses where we see opportunity for reliable sales from current products, possibly in mature markets, but with growth potential from investment in new products and markets.

Management Philosophy and Operating Model

We have a very small head office team. All of our businesses operate within a standard framework of similar management reporting and control systems but we understand that each business is different. We run the group conservatively, maintaining sufficient liquid resources to invest in our businesses as they require cash. Our shareholders endorse management’s long-term approach to building a substantial group of companies which thinks in terms of growing our businesses over many years rather than just trying to meet quarterly and annual reporting requirements. Our shareholders provide us with the financial means to make large acquisitions and investments as necessary.